What The 12 Houses In Astrology Mean

As you may already know, the zodiac is divided into twelve signs. These twelve zodiac signs are also referred to as houses and make up the twelve houses in astrology. The twelve houses in astrology are each associated with traits and each define areas of our lives. Each house has a natural ruling sign and a natural ruling planet, from Aries all the way through to Pisces. The first six houses of the zodiac are personal and the last six houses are interpersonal.

The 1st House - The Self

The first house in astrology is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars. This house represents the Self but is also known as the Ascendant and represents the way you project yourself into the world and, and in connection, the way you appear to the world. This includes your behaviour, reactions and temperament, especially when dealing with other people. This house also represents first impressions, more importantly, other people's first impression of you.  

The 2nd House - Possessions  

The second house in astrology is ruled by the sign Taurus and the planet Venus. This house represent your possessions and, more specifically,  all things materialistic and physical in your life. This includes your finances, anything from financial gain to financial loss, your security, income and even your self esteem and confidence. This house also represents your values, especially pertaining to materialistic things.

The 3rd House - Environment 

The third house in astrology is ruled by the sign Gemini and the planet Mercury. This house represents your ability to communicate, the way you express yourself and the way you can relate to your environment. This also includes your ability to learn, process information, talk and think for yourself. This house also represents your childhood and, more importantly, your family and friendships. 

The 4th House - Home  

The fourth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Cancer and, although not exactly a planet, the Moon. This house represents your home affairs and all domestic conditions related to your life. The fourth house is the foundation of everything, much like your home life is. This also includes feelings of comfort and relaxation and suggests a feeling of homely atmosphere. The fourth house also represents family, more accurately, your patents or even your children.

The 5th House  - Creativity

The fifth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Leo and, not planet but star, the Sun. This house represents all things crative and fun and is all about self-expression and attention through creativity. This house is an exuberant house full of colour, passion and eccentricity. This house also represents all things love and romance and embodies reproduction and children.

The 6th House - Work

The sixth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Virgo and the planet Mercury. This house represents your work life and environment and all things routine in your life. The sixth house rules improvements, maintenance and taking care of things and others. This house also represents health and well being and embodies fitness, diet and healthy living in general. 

The 7th House - Partnership

The seventh house in astrology is ruled by the sign Libra and the planet Venus. This house represents partnerships in your life, whether that be life partners or even business partners, and also your relationship with those around you. It's all about the way your relate to other people in your life and the value you place on your relationships with others. This house represents all aspects of partnerships, such as, marriage, business deals and contracts. 

The 8th House - Business

Thw eighth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Sorpio and the planet Pluto. This house represents business, but not in a financial sense. It's a house of life and death and everything else in between, including sex, commitments, bonding, transformation and regeneration. This house also represents other people's possessions, wills, inheritance and business deals.

The 9th House - Travel

The ninth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. This house represents travelling on a grand scale, foreign countries, adventures, learning new languages and expanding the mind through experience. This house also represents religion and philosophy through higher learning and your ability to grasp certain concepts.

The 10th House - Career

The tenth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. This house represents your career and everything related to it, such as, your reputation at work and your social status. It stands for the way we project ourselves into the world and the way we value our career roles. This house also represents tradition, achievement, rules and discipline.

The 11th House - Groups

The eleventh house in astrology is ruled by the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. This house is associated with the groups of people in your life, such as, friends, family, work and organisations, it represents all the people that you associate with and the way you relate and connect with them. This house also represents your goals, hopes and dreams and the mannerism which we go about using them. 

The 12th House - Selfishness

The twelfth house in astrology is ruled by the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune. This house is associated with the subconscious mind and represents all things psychological and internal, such as, emotions, thoughts and human nature. It rules your imagination, intuition and creativity. This house also represents hidden agendas, messages and secret enemies.

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