Jupiter In Scorpio (What Does It Mean For Us?)


Get ready for your world to be shaken up! The planet Jupiter has recently performed it's annual sign change, moving out of the sign Libra and into Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and will remain with the water sign until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter has been with Libra, the sign of love and relationships, since September 9th, 2016.

This drastic change from air sign to water sign is sure to have a huge impact on our emotions this year. As Scorpio is a sign of intensity and passion, this move is about to shake our very foundations and is bound to create a period of deep emotions, intimate impacts and much needed transition in our lives. Now is a time of abundance in power, sexuality and good fortune for us all.

Water signs relate to emotions and feelings, making those born under a water sign highly intuitive and sensitive. This current transition into Scorpio will allow us to understand our emotions on a deeper level and will help us to express them accordingly, even when it feels impossible to do. Now is also the perfect time to tune into your intuition and learn to listen and to trust your inner voice. If you experience any intense dreams or feelings during this Jupiter in Scorpio year, you must pay attention as they could be trying to show you what is hidden. Take as look at my post about deciphering your dreams for more information.



The Scorpio sign is one of the most intense signs in the Zodiac. Scorpio is all about mystery, especially when it comes to life and death, and it's curiosity of that which is hidden to them is unmeasurable. Scorpios are known to be impulsive at times and often don't know when to stop, so the fact that moderation doesn't come easy to both Jupiter and Scorpio is quite concerning and suggests that we may need to rein ourselves in at times.

Scorpio has an attraction to all things sexual, taboo and mysterious. It is a sign of sex, power and wealth and suggests that this will be a year of attracting good fortune and success when we put our minds to it. Now is the perfect time to explore your curiosities and solve life's mysteries in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Universe as we know it. It is also the time to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, so this year we must reach down deep inside and explore the deepest, darkest corners of ourselves. This might sound like a scary thought, but, by purging the secrets within ourselves, it will help us to grow and transform in the future.


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