What’s In The Cards For March 2018?

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February is coming to an end already? How did that happen?! I can’t say I’m not glad, February has been a whirlwind month for me so I’m quite glad to see the back of it and welcome in a new beginning!

March is one of my favourite months! Living in Wales where it’s been dark and miserable for what feels like forever, March is like medicine to the soul. Spring begins - everything is so much brighter, the sun starts to make an appearance and nature flourishes once again.

Spring is the time of re-growth and transformation - not just in nature but in ourselves also. Allow the beauty of March to fill your heart with warmth and inspire you. February was the month of planning and making a slow and steady start. March is the month of getting serious about your actions and finally knuckling down on your projects. Focus on your goals and don’t deviate from your plans to achieve them. Spring is the perfect time to transform your life for the better so March is when the hard work comes into play! In order to help you through this month, here is your monthly tarot guidance.

This five card reading will outline each week in March with an overall card to outline the month as a whole. Here at Black Moon Gypsy, we leave no stone unturned and like to cover everything - call me a perfectionist! So, what does March have in store for you, you ask? Keep reading to find out.


March Forecast 2018

March Tarot Forecast

The first thing I noticed about this reading is that the swords is the ruling suit this month (three and page). The suit of swords is ruled by the element of air and represents action, changes and possible conflict. The ruling of the swords in this reading suggests that March is going to be a challenging month with plenty of obstacles and possibly distressing situations.

There is also a pattern in numerology with these cards. The cards are either numbered 3 (3 Of Swords, The Hanged Man, 3 Of Wands) or numbered 2 (Daughter Of Swords, 2 Of Pentacles). The number 3 marks the first half of the month and also the overall theme, meaning that March is going to be a creative month full of inspiration and abundance. The number two then finished off the other half of the month predicting an abundance of love and balance in our lives.


Week 1 - Three Of Swords 

Three of Swords

The first week of March will be a challenging week with the Three Of Swords hinting at unexpected turmoil in your life that may leave you feeling heartbroken and disappointed. Although some things are inevitable, you may be able to soften the blow by being prepared for whatever is coming. Although the Three Of Swords can be seen as a bad omen, it carries with it a good message. Painful events that come out of nowhere can often be a blessing in disguise. Think of this experience as a learning curve - allow these these events to help you learn, grow and transform. Whatever the event may be, don’t dwell on it - give yourself the necessary time to recover and the pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward with your week.


Week 2 - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

As we go into the second week of March, we are asked to let go of last week’s turmoil and move forward with our lives - don’t let yourself become suspended or restricted by past events. The Hanged Man is a card of sacrifice and reminds you that whatever you had to sacrifice or let go of last week could ultimately lead you to a higher purpose and new opportunities - everything comes with a sacrifice. This is the week to throw yourself into your work and achieving those goals - don’t dwell, don’t wallow, just get on with things. The Hanged Man also reminds us that the sacrifices that we’ve made for our goals are only necessary for the time being, they don’t have to be for good - priorities are key here!



Week 3 - Daughter Of Swords

Daughter of Swords

We're now halfway through the month and the Daughter Of Swords is an omen that things are finally starting to look up. This is a card of enthusiasm and suggests that, after the tough couple of weeks before, you’ve recharged your batteries and are bursting with new energy and inspiration.Maybe you’ve got some new ideas in mind that you can't wait to get started on? Have you recently started a new project that you can’t wait to finish? The Daughter of Swords wants you to follow your dreams and do what you most desire. Take the bull by the horns this week and reach for those goals. Don’t let any obstacles get in the way of your success and don’t give up hope when things go wrong.


Week 4 - Two Of Pentacles

Two Of Pentacles

As we bring March to a close, we are greeted by the Two Of Pentacles. This card represents new opportunities and significant changes in your life - especially related to finance and home life. Although the Two Of Pentacles is a card of balance, it also serves as a warning to not take on too much responsibilities - especially if they are of conflicting interests. The key to dealing with these responsibilities is to find the balance between them. Priorities your responsibilities and find set times throughout the day to manage each one. It may seem difficult but when you find that balance, a weight will lift off of your shoulders.


Overall - Three Of Wands

Three of Wands

The Three Of Wands is all about preparation, manifestation and having a vision for the future and is the perfect theme card for March. March is all about putting your plans and ideas into action and taking those first steps to success. The beginning of the month will be a whirlwind but in the end everything will come together for you! This month brings with it brand new opportunities that will allow you to grow in both your personal life and your work life. When these opportunities present themselves, snatch them with both hands! Open your mind and focus in order to see these opportunities for what they really are. The motto for this month is to think big and big things will come to you!

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