What’s In The Cards For June 2018?

June Tarot Forecast 2018

We’re half way through 2018! Spring has come to an end and we’re now into the early stages of summer. If the last half of the year goes like the first half, this year will be over before we know it, so now is the time to make it count!

As we welcome in June, take a moment to reflect on your May achievements. Are you where you wanted to be at this time? Or do you still have a way to go?

May has been a quiet month for me. April burnt me out! I had so much going on with both the business and my personal life and it just drained my energy. I’ll be completely honest, going into May I was starting to feel a little depleted. The stress was real! So, I took a bit of a step back in May to get back to basics and get back on the right track. It was a month of reflection and maintenance, and I feel so much better for it!

But, we are now going into June and it’s going to be super busy. I’m taking a week off mid-June for a family holiday to Crete (I’m so bloody excited), so the beginning of the month is going to be very productive trying to get the business ready for the week’s break. And then the last half of the month is going to be spent picking up the pieces. Fun!

I digress... 

As I mentioned, we are now going into the summer season and are at the half way point of the month. The Sun is at its prime and nature is thriving, so now is the perfect time to get into full swing with your work. Take a look at your goals, reflect on how far you’ve come and then get serious with your plans. June is the time to really knuckle down and reach for the stars. You can and will do it! In order to help you through this month, here is your monthly tarot guidance.

This five card reading will outline each week in June with an overall card to outline the month as a whole. Here at Sacred Black Moon, we leave no stone unturned and like to cover everything - call me a perfectionist!

So, what does June have in store for you, you ask?


June Forecast 2018

Month Ahead Tarot Spread

The first thing I noticed about this reading is that the Major Arcana is the ruling Arcana of the Deck (The Empress and The World) , suggesting that June is going to be an important month for self-discovery and personal development. Another thing that I noticed with this forecast is that the only suit missing from the spread is the Suit Of Cups. The Suit Of Cups represents our emotions and our relationships, suggesting that this month our emotions and relationships are not going to be an issue. It won’t be our main focus because this aspect of our live right now is doing quite well.

The numbers 1 and 3 are our numerological patterns in this reading. The number 1 (Ten Of Pentacles and Ace Of Wands) marks the second week and overall theme of the month, indicating that June is going to provide us with the opportunity to start afresh, starting from week two. The number 3 (The Empress and The World) marks the first and last weeks of the month, indicating that our creative juices will flow from beginning to end throughout June.


Week 1 - The Empress


The first week of June will be a wonderful start to the month with the fertile Empress reminding us that abundance is everywhere and is accessible to all. She asks that we take advantage of this fertility that is available to us and start planting our seeds of abundance this week.

Make a start on your plans for the future. Allow your creative energy to take control. Create beauty in your life. But don’t forget to nurture these abundance seeds! Don’t just plant them and forget about them. Seeds need to be watered and cared for in order to grow. The same goes for your goals. 


Week 2 - Ten Of Pentacles 


As we go into the second week of June, the Ten Of Pentacles suggests that everything is finally starting to come together and asks you to look at the bigger picture now. Look back at the challenges that you’ve faced thus far and recognise how far you’ve come. You’ve pulled through the worst of it and the end is within your reach. 

The Ten Of Pentacles asks that you carry your creative energy from last week’s Empress card into this week and concentrate on your intentions and goals. As long as you stay focused and determined, you will receive the rewards that you so deeply desire. This is a card of achievement and success, but only when you work for it!


Week 3 - Four Of Swords 


As we go into week three, we are asked to take a well deserved break by the Four Of Swords. It’s been a hectic few weeks but, after last weeks success, we got there in the end. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and indulge in some much needed self-care. 

Although there may be much more to do, now is not the time to do them. Rest and recuperate before you end up burning yourself out. This is the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve come and think about your next steps. Where can you go from here?


Week 4 - The World


So far, June has been an amazing month of creative energy, success and recharging our batteries. And the last week of the month is looking even better. The World is the last card of the Major Arcana and represents completion. We have reached the end of one journey and have had the time to recover from it before moving onto our next adventure. With all the hard work and the resting, there hasn’t been much time to celebrate our success. Now is the time to reap our rewards and celebrate what we’ve achieved so far!

Remember that not all success comes from clear planning and that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and get the job done. Don't overthink. Don't overdo. Just do what needs to be done in order to get to the end goal.


Overall - Ace Of Wands 


the Ace Of Wands is all about inspiration, creation and taking action. June is going to be a fruitful month, full of fulfilment, achievements, success, relaxation and celebration. This month will end on a high and will get us ready for our next adventure. A bigger and better one! The first week of June will pave the way for the rest of the month. As long as you take full advantage of the creative energy that the Empress has provided, this month will run perfectly. June will being with it much cause to celebrate. This month is all about setting ourselves up for new beginnings and opportunities that will present themselves next month so take advantage while you have the chance!


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