What's In The Cards For January 2018?


I just want to start by saying happy new year, angels! Can you believe it's 2018 already. I can't! If you've followed Black Moon Gypsy for a while, you may remember that I used to do a weekly and monthly tarot journal, which got scrapped a few months ago when I renovated the website. Well, to mark the new year, I have decided to bring back my monthly tarot forecast to guide you through 2018 with ease.

With every new year we are blessed with an abundance of opportunities and changes that can be beneficial to our lives. Whether we choose to take those opportunities are completely up to us. Sometimes we don't even know about them until it's too late. We now have the chance to make 2018 a magical year for ourselves, but in order to make the most out of it, we need the necessary guidance to make it happen.

This five card reading will outline each week in January, with an overall card to outline the month as a whole. We're covering all areas here! So, what does January have in store for us, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


January 2018 Forecast


The first thing I noticed about this reading is that there are a lot of wands going on here (seven, nine and page). The suit of wands is ruled by the element of fire and represents pure energy, inspiration and ambition. The large amounts of wands in this reading suggests that January is the perfect time to use our intuition to get what we really want. This month will get our creative juices flowing in a major way, inspiring us to go after our dreams and achieve our goals.


Week 1 - Seven Of Wands


It's the first week of a brand new year and the cards want us to become more independent in both our actions and decisions right now. The Seven Of Wands asks us to trust ourselves and our own instincts. This is a card of standing on your own feet and suggests that now is the time to step out of the shadows and stand up for ourselves. Don't rely to much on the help of others this week, YOU are your only reliable source. This may be a struggle, but it will be worth it in the end. You've got this!


Week 2 - The Tower

As we go into the second week of 2018, cracks may be starting to appear in your life and you may be scared that everything is falling apart at the seams. Change is happening in your life and as much as you don't want it to, you know that there is nothing that you can do to stop it. You must take the hit on this one, accept the consequences of this change and grow from it. Change is necessary for us to grow and, it may not seem like it now, but you will eventually be glad that it happened.


Week 3 - Nine Of Wands


The catastrophic changes of last week's Tower have finally ended and you are beginning to pick up the pieces of the aftermath. You took a big hit last week but you are now beginning to see the positive effects of those changes. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and rebuild! You must forget about past events, gather your strength and really focus on your goals now. It's the only way!



Week 4 - Page Of Wands


As January comes to a close, we are greeted by the Page of Wands. This card represents someone who is free-spirited in nature and is passionate about everything and everyone in their life. This suggests that you may be full of energy and enthusiastic about your future this week, you're ready for anything that comes your way. You can sense that there are new opportunities on the horizon and are looking forward to the adventures that February promises.


Overall - The Star


The Star is one of my favourite cards in the tarot deck and is a promising card for the month ahead! It is a card of hope, guidance and renewal and reminds us that no matter what we face this month, we must trust in the Universe and know that it is bringing the necessary changes and opportunities into our lives in order to allow us to grow. January is the month of spiritual guidance so we must always listen to our intuition and trust that, even when things go wrong, everything is meant to happen as it does!


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Once again, happy new year to every single one of you! May you all have an enlightened and magical 2018!