What’s In The Cards For February 2018?

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I just want to start by saying sorry for the late forecast. If only I was more organised, right? - I’m working on it! January was such a busy month for me and I struggled to fit in everything that I needed to. Regardless of my busy schedule, January was a really good start to the year and I hope that this year runs as smoothly as the past month has. Was it just me or did January seem to be a lot longer than usual - I honestly thought at one point that it was never going to end - which is good, because I needed all of the help I could get this month. I spent my January researching and planning and I cannot wait to begin executing those plans this month. There are big things coming here at Black Moon Gypsy and I'm so excited to share them with you!

So, we're now a month into 2018 and have - hopefully - already set our goals for the year and have already put together a brilliant plan on how we can achieve them. January was all about ideas and planning those ideas down to the last details. February, however, is about taking action against those plans. Now is the time to knuckle down and make that very first start. If you're a bit behind and are unsure of what you need to do, that's okay! Although February is the time to make a start, that's all you need to do. Don't push yourself this month - we don't want to burn ourselves out too early! - instead, take it easy and simply do as much as you can - or want to. March is when the hard work comes into play! In order to help you through this month, here is your monthly tarot guidance!

Due to February being a shorter month than the rest, this reading will be a four card reading rather than the usual five card reading. This forecast will outline each week in February, with an overall card to outline the month as a whole. Here at Black Moon Gypsy, we leave no stone unturned and like to cover everything - call me a perfectionist! So, what does February have in store for you, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


February 2018 Forecast

February Tarot Forecast

One thing that stands out to me during this reading is the Son of Cups. This isn't because of any significant meaning, but simply because of the way it was drawn. I actually didn't even draw the Son of Cups. It drew itself! While I was in the last stage of shuffling my deck, I asked the question 'What does February have in store for us?' and, I'm being 100% honest, the Son of Cups came flying out of the deck and landed into my lap - literally! I couldn't ignore that - even if I tried - so I knew it had to be a part of the reading. Call it intuition or a sign but I knew instantly that this would be the overall theme of the month. I love it when that kinda thing happens, it's pure magic!


Week 1 - The World


The first week of February will revolve around celebrating the success of the previous month and looking forward to the new opportunities that will be presented in February. The World is a reminder that everything comes together in the end, even if it seemed impossible to start with - you must always have faith that the Universe will deliver! If January wasn’t your best month, this card is telling you to learn from it, not dwell on it. Now you must put everything that you possibly can into achieving your goals, the reward will be worth it. Ask yourself - how can I reach success this month?



Week 2  - The High Priestess


As we go into the second week of February, we are told to trust our intuition and let it guide us to making the right decisions. The only person that you should listen to right now is yourself - don't let others influence your decisions - be independent in your thoughts. This week the High Priestess is asking you to pay attention to your mind - especially your subconscious - because it could be trying to tell you something. The best way to listen to your subconscious is through your dreams. Are your dreams trying to tell you something? Try and keep a dream journal to decipher your subconscious' message. More on that here.


Week 3 - Two of Wands (Reversed)


The Two of Wands in reversed form can indicate a slight bump in the road this week when it comes to planning. Although you may have put together what you felt was a fool-proof plan, it seems you may have overlooked a few important details, which have now put your plan under threat of failure. The key to this is staying positive and dealing with the situation head on - don't dwell on it. If you're smart about it, this need only be a minor set-back and is easily fixable through clear planning. Take a look over your plans and ask yourself - is there anything missing? Is there anything I can do to improve it? If the answer is yes, then do so!


Overall - Son of Cups


Like I said, this card literally jumped out at me during this reading and I can see why! The Son of Cups is all about emotions and love, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner what better card to represent February than a card of romance. This month we must love like we want to be loved and express our emotions in whatever way we see fit. However, you must find the balance between those feelings - there is a thing as too much emotion. When you let your emotions run wild, you are not in the best head space to make any important decisions - your heart will lead over your head and all logic will go out the window. Let February's love and emotions sweep you off your feet, but make sure that you have an anchor to bring you back down to earth when needs be.

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