What’s In The Cards For April 2018?

Monthly Tarot Forecast April

We are now officially a quarter of the way through 2018! As we welcome April, take a moment to reflect on your March achievements. Are you where you wanted to be at this time? Or do you still have a way to go? 

March has been a very productive month for me. I’ve never been the most organised person in the world but March has literally made me a new woman. I released the Intuitive Tarot Diary - a tarot journal designed to help you improve your intuition and connect with your Higher Self - at the beginning of the month which was an amazing and successful achievement, and I’m currently working on a brand new product closely related to The Intuitive Tarot Diary - so April is looking to be a great month too. Fingers crossed!

We are now well into the Spring season, a time of re-growth and transformation in all aspects of life. Allow the beauty of April to inspire you to grow and reach your full potential. March was the month of getting serious about your actions and finally knuckling down on your projects. In April, you must carry on with that focus, don’t lose it! Stay determined and keep up the hard work. In order to help you through this month, here is your monthly tarot guidance.

This five card reading will outline each week in April with an overall card to outline the month as a whole. Here at Black Moon Gypsy, we leave no stone unturned and like to cover everything - call me a perfectionist! So, what does April have in store for you, you ask? Keep reading to find out.


April Forecast 2018

Monthly Tarot Spread April

The first thing I noticed about this reading is that the Swords is the ruling suit of this month (Four and Queen), alongside the Major Arcana (The World and The Hermit). The suit of Swords is ruled by the element of air and represents action, changes and possible conflict. The ruling of the Swords in this reading suggests that April is going to be a challenging month with plenty of obstacles and possibly distressing situations. The ruling of the Major Arcana in the reading suggests that April is going to be vital in our personal journey and development.

The number 4 is our numerological pattern in this reading and, funnily enough, that’s all down to the Sword suit (4 Of Swords and the Queen of Swords). The number 4 marks the first and third week of the month, indicating  that April will be an action packed month with plenty of opportunity to learn and grow.


Week 1 - Mother Of Swords

Queen Of Swords Tarot

The first week of April will be a learning curve with the Queen of Swords asking us to be more independent with both our thoughts and actions. The only way we can truly be successful is to have confidence in our abilities and decision. Confidence is key! Do one thing that really scares you this week - put yourself out there in a way that you’ve never done before.

This card also reminds us to be upfront in our journey and to not let our feelings get in our way. It’s difficult, but sometimes we must detach from our emotions to see the bigger picture and make the necessary decisions. 


Week 2 - The World

The World

As we go into the second week of April, we will have plenty of cause to celebrate! The World is a card of reward and completion and indicates that you’re at - or close to - the end of your journey and will soon begin to reap your rewards. This card reminds you to always have faith because the Universe will always deliver! You will soon find that your hard work will be paid off and everything will come together at last. Cherish this moment and get ready for some new beginnings and opportunities.


Week 3 - Four Of Swords

Four Of Swords

As we go into week four we are asked to take some time out after last week’s celebrations. It might seem like a good idea to jump straight back into your work this week. You may even be determined and motivated to each your next goal. But the Four Of Swords urges you to recover from the hard few weeks that you’ve experienced. Take the time to reflect on your accomplishments so far. Your journey isn’t over yet so it’s vital that you regain your inner strength and energy for the road ahead. Have a few self-care days and make sure to relax and recover!


Week 4 - The Hermit


So far, April has been a month of lessons, celebration and recovery and our last week of the month is going to be no different. The Hermit is a card of introspection and enlightenment and asks you to take a step back from your commitments this week to focus on you. Last week’s Four Of Swords asked you to focus on your self- care and physical needs, but the The Hermit asks you to focus on your mental health and spiritual needs. 

Whenever this card comes up in any of my readings, I take it as a sign of a much needed shadow work session. Meditate on your thoughts and sort through your issues. What’s been holding you back? What can you change going into May? How can you really step out of your own shadows? Delve deep into your own mind this week and try to understand yourself a little better. 


Overall - Ace Of Pentacles

Ace Of Pentacles

 The Ace of Pentacles is all about financial beginnings, fresh starts and life-changing opportunities. April is going to be a successful month, full of beneficial lessons, rewards, celebration and enlightenment. it’s really looking to be the month we’ve all been waiting for! The first week of April will be a challenge but if you get through that, the month is yours! April will bring with it amazing new opportunities that will benefit you in both your personal life and your financial life. When these opportunities present themselves, cling on to them like there’s no tomorrow! These opportunities could lead to everything you’ve ever wanted in your life. Take full advantage of them when they make themselves known and you’ll soon see the rewards they offer!

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