Using Tarot To Plan Ahead

Using Tarot To Plan Ahead

I am a planner by nature. I wish I could say that I'm spontaneous and impulsive, but in reality, everything has to be planned down to the last detail before I carry something out. This may sound boring to many, but I love planning! I get excited over planners (I have at least 5), journals and notebooks - even the notebook on my phone is full of plans and strategies. There is nothing I love more than coming up with new ideas and then putting together a plan of action to make it happen. What can I say, I like to be prepared.

I put together weekly plans, monthly plans, annual plans and everything else in-between. I have plans coming out of my ears, I'm so obsessed!

As a small business owner, I feel like my excessive planning has really helped me with my productivity and growth. Planning is the key to success. The way I see it, there's no point having goals if you can't put it into action, and the best way to do that is through clear planning.

When I first started to develop my intuitive power through tarot, I started incorporating tarot into my planning strategy, and I can tell you, I was not prepared for the shift it created. Planning through tarot allowed me to tap into my intuition and showed me the way forward. It pointed the way to my highest potential and showed me exactly what I was working towards. It was planning on another level!

I have been able to do amazing things using tarot as a guide to my future planning, so I wanted to show you how to take advantage of this magnificent tool too!


When Should I Use Tarot For Planning Ahead? 

Whenever you want! If you have a specific goal in mind and need guidance and direction to achieve it, consult the tarot and allow it to connect with your intuition. Every time I come up with a new business idea, am lacking creative inspiration, have a major event coming up or am stuck between decisions, my tarot cards come out to help.  

I also perform weekly, monthly and annual readings, to help me plan out my actions for the times ahead.  


How To Plan Ahead With Tarot

At the end of every week/month/year, set aside at least half of your day for goal setting and planning for the time ahead. Make sure that you completely dedicate this time to your goal setting. I do this by turning off all notifications to eliminate distractions, and then lighting a candle to focus my mind and energy on the task ahead.

To begin, take time to reflect on the previous week/month/year. What did you achieve? What didn’t you get around to achieving? How do you feel about your achievements?What did or didn’t work out for you? What have you learned? What would you have changed? Make a note of your answers for each question - these will be your tarot prompts. 

Now it’s time to get out your tarot cards and consult with your intuition. To prepare, hold your deck in your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to centre yourself. Think about what you want from the chosen period. 

Shuffle your deck like you usually would and draw one card from your deck. This card is your theme for this period. Questions to ask include: ‘what is my theme for this week/month/year?’ ‘What is my lesson for this week/month/year?’ ‘What should I focus on this week/month/year?’ etc.  

Take a look at the card. Take in every detail. Allow your intuition to come through with your message. Make a note of what comes through.

Now that you have your theme, you have a little guidance to start planning your goals for the time ahead. How can you correspond this card with your goals? What needs to be done? What needs to be changed? Come up with a routine or strategy based on what the card has told you. Create an action plan and break it down into small steps with the help of your card.

After you’ve put together an action plan, it’s time for a tarot spread to break down the period further. This spread will give you further guidance on what to focus your attention on and when. For example, in a monthly planning spread, week one may be the perfect time to apply all of your energy into your work, but it may be necessary to slow down and reflect during week two. This allows you to apply balance and self care into your strategy to ensure that you don’t burn out.

Weekly Planning

A seven card reading with one card for each day of the week.  


Monthly Planning

A four card reading with one card for each week of the month.


Annual Reading

A twelve card reading with one card for each month of the year. 


Assess these cards carefully. Ask your intuition what they mean for your goals for that week/month/year. Now go back to your action plan and revise it based on the additional cards message.  

For example, if your goal is to create and launch a new product in that year, and you’ve drawn the The Hermit for January, Ace Of Wands for February and the Four Of Swords for March, take the opportunity to reflect and plan in January, take action and get creative in February, but then slow down and recharge your batteries in March.  

Don’t forget the most important part of using tarot as a means of planning - your intuition. The whole point of using this method is to be able to connect with your Higher Self and achieve your goals intuitively.

I hope this post helps you put together a flawless plan of action using tarot as your guide! What methods do you use to plan intuitively? Please let me know in the comments below!

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