The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: First Impressions & Review


If you're a tarot enthusiast, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is more than likely something that you would have seen or heard about recently. It's possibly one of the most popular tarot decks of today, and by the look of it, the coming years.

I've actually felt drawn to this deck for a while but, until now, haven't given in to temptation. Why, you ask? As crazy as it sounds, it's popularity put me off. I can't explain why, it just did. I couldn't tell if the reason I was drawn to it was through my intuition telling me that this deck was for me, or if my brain was instantly drawn to it because I'd seen it so many times. Either way, I was sceptical.

About a month ago, I started to see a difference in the tarot deck that I was using at the time. I just didn't feel connected to the cards anymore and I didn't enjoy reading with them; it wasn't working out and we needed to break up! So it was time to get another deck. 

I did so much research into different decks, I could probably list every deck available today (no joke)... but, to my horror, I kept coming back to one in particular. The Wild Unknown. It was always in the back of my mind and, if possible, I was stumbling upon more photos of the deck than I ever had before. I don't know whether it was a sign or if I was just going mad, but I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it anyway. So, after giving it the benefit of the doubt and a chance to prove me wrong, here it is, my first impression and review of The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck! 


First Impressions


The packaging, I have to say, is absolutely beautiful! It came in a dark box with the trademark Wild Unknown circle (also used in The World card). When you open the box, there are little quotes and infinity signs hidden in the packaging which I thought was a really nice touch. The deck of cards were hidden underneath the guidebook which was the first thing to greet you. Removal of the content from the box had been made easier, thanks to a ribbon placed under box the book and card deck to lift them out of the box carefully. I was actually really pleased with the packaging and will definitely be keeping it to store the cards and book in from now on.



I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the guidebook, although, it is probably more suited towards a beginner than someone more advanced in the trade. The book itself oozes creativity and Kim Krans talent shines through every page. Written in what looks like handwritten font, the book gives a basic understanding of each card meaning along with tips on how to read the cards and also spread ideas. Brilliant book, but as I said, more suited for beginners.




There are some stunning photos of the The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck on Instagram, but they don't come close to doing the deck justice when it comes to imagery. Seeing the illustrations right before your eyes is magical. The cards are, I believe, standard size for a tarot deck (2.75"x4.75") and come with a matte finish to them, rather than the usual gloss finish, which really sets them apart from any other deck that I've experienced.   



This deck took a while for me to get used to as they are completely different from my previous deck (in a good way!). The cards are small and compact, making them so easy to handle and use correctly. The cards in my old deck were jumbo cards so you can imagine the nightmare!

I'm also used to a glossy finish as opposed to the matte finish of The Wild Unknown deck. The matte finish, however, does have its ups and downs. The matte works perfectly with Kim Krans stunning artwork and makes this noise while shuffling that I can't explain but actually really like. But, the finish doesn't make shuffling very easy. One thing that I have noticed is that the cards tend to stick together and can be hard to separate during the shuffling process. It's just a minor inconsistency but it can make life a little bit harder!

The imagery is what really drew me into this deck in the first place, and it doesn't disappoint in person. I can't explain why, but th artwork on the cards really does connect with me on another level that I cannot explain. The imagery revolves completely around nature; there are no humans, no man-made structures... just nature in all its wonderful glory. 


For what it's worth, this deck has rightfully earned its popularity and I'm actually kicking myself that I didn't purchase it sooner. If you can overlook the tiny little shuffling detail, which I'm sure you will get used to in time, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck would be an amazing addition to your tarot deck collection. In my opinion, this deck would be perfect for both beginners and advanced readers alike. A few months ago it would have pained me to say this, but throwing caution to the wind is my trademark, I would definitely recommend this tarot deck!


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