5 Tarot Spreads That Will Transform Your Year


Over the past couple of weeks, I've been approached by many people asking 'how can I make 2018 MY year?' This question has also been the most asked question in all my recent tarot readings. We all want to succeed this year; we've set intentions and resolutions and we want 2018 to be the year that we actually follow them through.

With ever New Year comes the threat - or promise - of change in our lives. We will face challenges that may throw us off course and may be met with opportunities that we aren't sure whether we should take or not. If only we had some guidance, right? Something that can help us along the right path and show us the right choices to make. Well, we do!

This is why I love tarot! It can guide you through the new year in ways that others can't. There is literally a tarot spread for anything and everything! I have put together a list of just some -if I put them all we'd be here for hours- of my favourite spreads to perform during this time of year. Let's kick 2018's ass!


Year Ahead Spread

Also used as the Twelve House Zodiac Spread, this is a 13 card tarot spread - a card for each month and then one card outlining the overall theme for the year. This is perfect for guidance through the year as a whole (it's also a perfect spread to use on birthdays)! 

Year Ahead Tarot Spread.jpg

Moving Forward Spread 

This 7 card spread is the perfect spread if you're looking for change in your life this year. It will show you not only how to move forward through the year but also what you must let go of to do it and how to overcome any obstacles in your way. 

Moving Forward Tarot Spread.jpg

Inner Guidance Spread

Another 7 card spread specifically intended to guide you through this year's journey and allow you to develop not only personally but spiritually as well. Be mentally prepared for the challenges that you may face this year and it'll be half the battle! 

Moving Forward Tarot Spread(1).jpg

Self Improvement Spread

This 6 card spread is a twist on the common 3 card mind, body and soul tarot spread. This spread will help to not only develop your spiritual connection this year but also to heal you spiritually in order to prepare for the year ahead.

Moving Forward Tarot Spread(2).jpg

The Bad Ass Spread

This 4 card spread is perfect if you have some major goals for the year and will do anything in your power to achieve them. This spread is about leaving the past in the past and looking forward to the future! If you want to be bad ass and rule 2018, this spread is for you! 

Moving Forward Tarot Spread(3).jpg

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