Everything You Need To Know About The Intuitive Tarot Diary

Intuitive Tarot Diary

The Intuitive Tarot Diary is now available in the Sacred Black Moon store!

Are you ready to connect with your Higher Self through tarot? Grab your copy today!

If you've read any of my posts on tarot, you will already know that I am a huge supporter of the tarot journal. You may also already know that back in November I introduced a free downloadable tarot journal for those who signed up to my email list - it was pretty basic but it got the job done.

This tarot journal was a hit with a lot of my subscribers - probably because there aren’t a lot of tarot journals available out there right now. I mean, sure, you can make your own, but it can be a lot of hassle - especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know what you should involve in your tarot journal. 

I digress...

With the success of this email opt-in and the lack of tarot journals available to us in the retail market, I decided to turn that free, basic copy into a bigger and better tarot journal that will amplify our reading ability and improve our intuition along the way! 

So, now that the Intuitive Tarot Diary has launched, I wanted to let you in on the very juicy content that you can expect from it! I just know that you're going to love it!

So here is everything you need to know about the Sacred Black Moon Intuitive Tarot Diary! 


What Is A Tarot Journal? 

So, lets start with the basics. What is a tarot journal? A tarot journal is - you guessed it - a journal or diary that allows you to record your tarot readings after they’ve been performed so that you can analyse and compare at a later time. Whether you're starting out in tarot or are a little more advanced, if you haven't started a tarot journal yet, it is definitely something that you should consider doing because it really does help. Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that seem important to us at the time and overlook little details that are also important, and that is why you should document your readings and include every detail, even the small, insignificant ones.

In my opinion, there is no better tarot resource than keeping a tarot journal. They're a great way to:

  • record and keep tab of your readings
  • learn card meanings
  • remember the little details and patterns
  • tune into your intuition
  • have something to look back on for future reference.

What Is The Intuitive Tarot Diary?

The Sacred Black Moon Intuitive Tarot Diary is a 20 page downloadable worksheet designed with the sole purpose of helping you enhance your tarot reading skills using your intuition as your guide.  

This diary is not only a tool to record your tarot readings as you perform them but it’s also a tool to record your intuition and your emotions as well! 

Are you ready to connect with your Higher Self, raise your frequency to the Universe and manifest your dreams and desires? You can do this all through tarot with the help of The Intuitive Tarot Diary! 


What You’ll Find Inside The Intuitive Tarot Diary? 

With 20 pages altogether that can be printed out when and where you need them, this Diary has everything you’ll need to expand your tarot skill! Here are just a few pages that are included. 

Tarot Journaling Tips  

With everything from journaling routines to tools and correspondences to enhance your experience! 


Daily Tarot Card Diary

Tap into your intuition and record your daily tarot card every day of the month. Re-evaluate those recordings at the end of the month and analyse the difference between where you were at the start and where you are now. You may be surprised!


Tarot Reading Journal

Record every little detail of your readings - including moon phases, the chose tarot spread, patterns in your reading and actions that you must take going forward.


& so much more!


So, How Will The Intuitive Tarot Diary Benefit You?

I'm glad you asked!

The Intuitive Tarot Diary can help you in so many ways during your tarot journey - and after! It's main purpose is to show you how to tune into your intuition through tarot and, in time, trust that intuition! It can be difficult to know whether you should listen to your inner voice or not, but this diary will PROVE to you - in your own writing - why you should! Connect with your tarot cards on a higher level and you'll automatically connect with your intuition on the same level and the Intuitive Tarot Diary will show you exactly how to do that!

Other great benefits from this diary include:

  • Getting the clarity, guidance and insight from you readings that you need in order to manifest your goals and intentions!
  • Become inspired and motivated to change your life as you know so that you can raise your frequency and reach for the Universe!
  • Learn how to invest more time into your tarot work by becoming more disciplined and regular with your practice.
  • Create a deep connection with your cards and intuition in order to tap into your Higher Self!
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Pick up your tarot deck, light up a candle, gather your crystals and get ready to raise your vibration. It's time to create your best life!