Tarot Spreads To Improve Your Love Life


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about relationship spreads and also a lot of requests to perform relationship readings - love is in the air! As we all know, February is the month of love and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may find yourself looking for guidance in your relationships, not only with others but also with yourself.

Whether you're single and ready to meet the love of your life, in a relationship and wanting to strengthen your bond, going through heartbreak and wanting to relieve your pain or maybe you're simply feeling down and want to learn to love yourself. Whatever your relationship status or situation - I've got you covered! As I've said a million times before, there's a tarot spread for anything and everything! Here are just some of my favourite relationship and self love spreads to increase your love life this Valentine's Day!


The Search For Love Tarot Spread

The Search For Love spread was made specifically with finding love in mind. It will investigate what's been holding you back in the past and will advise you on the changes and actions that need to made in order to find The One! So, if you've been single for long enough now and are  ready and waiting for the love of your life to come along and sweep you off your feet, this tarot spread is for you!


Understanding Your Relationship Tarot Spread

The Understanding Your Relationship spread will help you do just. It will highlight both you and your partners needs, your strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears and will show you what you need to strengthen your bond. If you're in a relationship and are just looking for some guidance on how to improve and grow, this is your spread!


Love Life Tarot Spread

The Love Life spread is a general spread that can be used by anyone - no matter your relationship status! Designed to help you understand your current situation and how you can change it for the better, whether you're love life is alive and kicking or dead in the water. If you're looking to improve your romantic situation, try this spread!



To End Or Not To End Tarot Spread

The To End Or Not To End spread is the perfect guidance when it comes to making that difficult decision - should I stay or should I go? It will give you insight on both you and your partners needs, the actions that need to be taken and whether there is a future for you. If there's trouble in paradise and you're unsure if your relationship will survive, seek some guidance from this spread. 


Healing Heart Tarot Spread

The Healing Heart spread will guide you through the horrible experience of heartbreak by showing you the necessary actions needed to move on with your life.  It will show you how to let go of the past, what you must learn from the experience and how to eventually see it as a good thing. If your heart is breaking, try this tarot spread.


Looking After Number One Tarot Spread

Last but not least, my favourite type of tarot spread and, in my opinion, the most important type of tarot spread - self-care! The Looking After Number One spread is the perfect spread for when you're not feeling your best and need a little pick-me-up and guidance. It will show you what you need to let go of and what you need to embrace right now in your life. Try it!


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What are your favourite tarot traditions to perform around or on Valentine's Day and how do you celebrate it? Let us know in the comments below!