Ostara Tarot Spreads (Spring Equinox)

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It’s almost time for Ostara - also known as the spring equinox - although it doesn’t really feel like spring here in South Wales, let me tell ya! There is snow falling outside my window as we speak and it’s freezing here - not that warm weather is very common here anyway but it’s definitely a lot colder than it usually is this time of year. Anyway, I’m still hopeful that Spring whether will appear very soon and I’m very excited for Ostara!

Ostara is an old Pagan festival which is celebrated on the Spring Equinox - March 20th, if you weren’t already aware. Ostara is believed to mark the first day of the Spring season where we celebrate a balance between light and darkness as the last signs of the Winter season finally disappears (unless you’re living in the UK apparently!). 

During this time, we must allow ourselves to grow and reach our full potential - much like nature does after its long winter sleep. Be inspired by the balance of light and dark by allowing your positive energy to outshine any negative energies. Step out of your darkness and fully embrace the light. Allow the Goddess Ostara to fertilise your mind in order for new ideas and inspirations to grow.

In celebration of this beautiful awakening, I have put together a list of my favourite tarot spreads for this time of year! 


Embracing Ostara Spread

Embracing Ostara Tarot Spread
  1. Your present situation
  2. Your ideal future  
  3. What must be released
  4. What must be balanced  
  5. How you can grow
  6. Opportunities available to you

Seasonal Growth Spread

Seasonal Growth Tarot Spread
  1. What must be let go of during this phase of your life
  2. What must grow in its place? 
  3. Advice during this phase of your life

Welcoming The Spring Equinox Spread

Welcome To The Spring Equinox Tarot Spread
  1. Your current situation
  2. What must be buried with Winter
  3. What must be embraced with Spring
  4. Where in your life do you need balance
  5. What you must nurture and grow this season

Awaken with Nature Spread

Awaken With Nature Tarot Spread
  1. Sow  
  2. Nurture
  3. Harvest
  4. Guidance 


Blossoming With Spring Spread

Blossoming With Spring Tarot Spread
  1. Your strength  
  2. Your potential
  3. What must be released  
  4. Opportunities awaiting you
  5. What will blossom during this season

I hope this post helped you in some way. What are your favourite tarot spreads to perform during the Spring Equinox? Please let me know in the comments below!

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