The Importance Of Keeping A Tarot Journal


If you've read any of my posts on tarot, you will already know that I am a huge supporter of the tarot journal. In my opinion, you will find no better tarot resource than your very own tarot journal. They're a great way to learn card meanings, remember the little details of the reading, tune into your intuition and also you'll have something to look back on for future reference.

Tarot journaling was something that was recommended to me when I first got into tarot by a fellow reader. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to it at first because I was hell-bent on learning the meanings as quickly as I could, and I didn't have time for the slow process of journaling every reading. I tried everything to learn the card meanings; the internet, books, staring at every card until something popped out at me. Nothing worked.

I finally gave in to creating a tarot journal as a last measure. I was not convinced but I wasn't going to lose anything by trying. So I started journaling, and guess what, it worked! I learned so much faster through journaling than I did with everything else that I tried. Now, every reading I do, I document every little detail into my tarot journal.

Whether you're starting out in tarot or are a little more advanced, if you haven't started a tarot journal yet, it is definitely something that you should consider doing because it really does help. Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that seem important to us at the time and overlook little details that are also important, and that is why you should document your readings and include every detail, even the small, insignificant ones.


What You Should Keep Note Of During A Reading?

1. Card Meanings

As I stated above, tarot journals are a brilliant way of learning the card meanings so always incorporate card meanings into your journal. My way of doing this is by taking note of the cards that were drawn and in what order, writing down the keywords to each card and then personalising the card meaning by writing down what I think the card represents and what it is trying to tell me. You can also look up the card meanings and write down anything that may relate to you or your situation. You can find card meanings for both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana on Black Moon Gypsy. Start here.



2. Little Details

Again, as I've already mentioned, the little things in a reading matter, even if you think that they don't. Everything ties together in it's own little way. I would recommend taking note of the date, the current moon phase, the deck and spread that you have chosen to use and the question that you have asked. Another thing I would recommend documenting that others may oversee is the numerology of the cards that have been drawn. If you've read my post Tarot By Numbers, you will know that numerology in tarot is just as important as the card meanings. The numbers that show up are not a coincidence and often do have a message for you. For more information, take a look at Tarot By Numbers here.


3. Your Experience

This is also an important but often overlooked one. I will always write about my feelings and impressions of the reading and what I should take from it. How you feel about the reading is the most important part of the whole experience and it is definitely something that you should document. I also like to write my intentions after the reading, with what I must do or change in order to get the results that I want.


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For more information on numerology in tarot, take a look at my post Tarot By Numbers.

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