How To Ask Questions In Tarot

Asking Questions In Tarot

With tarot, you can get guidance and advice for pretty much any aspect in your life. Although it is a misconception that the cards can tell your future, they can definitely guide you in the right direction of your ideal future. That’s what I love the most about them, and that’s why they’re my go to whenever I need a helping hand.

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of people think that the chosen spread is the most important part of a tarot reading, and although choosing the right spread is vital, it’s not the key to unlocking the necessary guidance and insight.

The key to getting the guidance and answers that you seek in tarot is asking the right questions. A good question will lead to insightful answers but a bad question will do the complete opposite and could completely throw you off course. Yep that’s right! The accuracy and insight that you receive in your tarot reading all rides on the quality of your questions. 

When you’re new to the cards it can be difficult to establish a good question from a bad one but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never have to worry again!

So, what is the secret to a good question?


Be Clear & Specific

These may be quite obvious, but you’d be surprised at how vague people can be with their questions! Vague and tarot don’t mix well. If you’re not being clear and specific with your question then wires will get crossed and you will get confused. Also, if your question is too vague, you’re going to get a vague response - it’s as simple as that - and that’s not going to get you anywhere. if you want an insightful and detailed answer you’re going to have to get specific!


Phrasing Is Everything

The way you phrase your question can really make a difference! I tend to avoid questions that start with ‘will’ or ‘when’ - these for me are big no-nos when it comes to asking questions in tarot. Instead, rephrase your question and turn them into ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions. ‘Will’ and ‘when are close ended questions meaning you can really only get one answer out of them but the latter are open ended questions, meaning that they have so much more to give. Those are the questions you want to be asking for insight and guidance!



Yes or No? Definitely No!

Yes or no questions are great if you want to make a snapshot decision without having to think about it but if you really want to gain real insight on a situation, really get to the root of a problem or anything that requires major guidance, then avoid, avoid, avoid yes or no questions. Why have a quick and vague answer when you can open yourself up to incredible insight, deep understanding and divine guidance?


Be Positive! 

You know the saying ‘negative thoughts lead to negtive outcomes’? Well, I’m a firm believer that negative questions lead to negative tarot readings, and let’s be honest, who wants a negative tarot reading?! For example, don’t ask the tarot why something bad had to happen to you - the cards can’t answer that - instead, ask it what you can do to make things better. It’s that simple! By putting positive energy into your cards and approaching the reading with a ‘can do attitude’, your cards will thank you with a positive response!

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I hope this post helped you to understand the art of asking questions in tarot! Please let me know in the comments below!

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