Full Moon Tarot Spreads

Full Moon Tarot Spreads

The moon is such a powerful source. It impacts everything from the tides of the oceans to the development of plants. The moon also has a large impact on us, especially when it comes to our energy levels and our emotions.

The different moon phases in the lunar cycle have a lot to do with this. The different moon phases mean different things for all of us and their power should not be taken for granted.


So, what is the Full moon phase?

The full moon is at the dead centre of the lunar cycle and is all about completion. This moon phase brings with it a tremendous amount of intense energies so it’s always good to be prepared during the full moon phase. This intensified energy is perfect for cleansing and charging both your tools and yourself. It’s also a great time for releasing what no longer serves you.

When it comes to the full moon, you need to be aware of the actions and decisions you must take in order to reach your full potential. This is the time for soul searching and venturing deep inside yourself. How can you transform into the best version of you? What must you let go of to reach that phase?

When performing tarot readings during the Full Moon, the questions you ask are vital. The Full Moon is all about you so any readings that you perform should be based on yourself and your goals. Now is the time to concentrate on your own needs and desires and to learn what must be learned in order to move forward with your life. 


Full Moon Reveal Tarot Spread

Full Moon Reveal Tarot Spread
  1. What must be released?
  2. What must be embraced? 
  3. What the Full Moon has in store for you. 
  4. Energies that may be affecting you. 
  5. Opportunities that may arise. 
  6. What advice must be taken on board? 


Transformational Tarot Spread

Transformational Tarot Spread
  1. What must you let go of? 
  2. What guidance will you need? 
  3. How you can embrace the full moon’s energy? 
  4. How you can transform? 
  5. What will you manifest? 

The Illumination Tarot Spread  

Illumination Tarot Spread
  1. What must be released?
  2. What must be revealed? 
  3. What will emerge from the dark? 

Full Moon Manifestation Tarot Spread  

Full Moon Manifestation Tarot Spread
  1. Your present situation. 
  2. What you must pay attention to?
  3. What you must let go of?
  4. The energies that you must focus on.
  5. The intentions that you must focus on.
  6. What you will manifest?

I hope this post helped you in some way. What are your favourite tarot spreads during the intense full moon phase? Please let me know in the comments below!

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