About me


Hello Angels! I’m Gemma and I’m an artist, tarot reader and practicing witch, living in the mystical valleys of South Wales. I created Black Moon Gypsy with the sole purpose of inspiring you to live a more mindful and enlightened life. I write about a variety of different subjects, including tarot, magic, spirituality and practical living.


A Little Bit About Me

I've always been fascinated - and a little obsessed - with the unknown. As a child, I would stare up at the moon and be in complete awe of her beauty and that attraction never went away. When I was old enough to know about astrology, I spent most of my hours researching the zodiac and their meanings. When other girls my age wanted to be princesses, I wanted to be a mermaid, a vampire and, more commonly, a witch.

Coming from a relatively 'normal' family, these weren't the usual topics of conversation at the dinner table. I was always the weird child who liked weird things and at the time that hurt - a lot. Because of this, I started to suppress that side of me and started doing what 'normal' girls my age did instead. As you can imagine, this left me unsatisfied and unhappy with my life, I lacked confidence, had no self-esteem whatsoever and had no direction in which I wanted to go in the future - the magic inside of me was gone, my fire had burned out.

A few years ago, I was in a dark place and I didn't know how I was going to get out of it. I only had one option - things had to change. And that's when I rediscovered my passion. This rediscovery - this shift in my thought process - literally blew me away. There was finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I did what 12 year old me couldn't do - I researched my ass off and answered the questions that I've had in the back of my mind for so long. I delved so deep into the unknown that I made sure that there would be no going back for me. I became a brand new person - an enlightened, mindful and magical person - and nobody was going to take it away from me this time.

I learned about manifestation and the power of positive thoughts. I learned about the importance of self-care and happiness. I learned about the energy of the moon and the workings of astrology. I learned about divination and modern day witchcraft. I bought my first tarot deck and learned the way of the cards - and the rest was history.

I applied everything that I had learnt into my own life and I am a much better and happier person for it. And that is the reason for this website. That is why I created Black Moon Gypsy. I want people to live their best lives doing the things that they love, regardless of other people's opinions. Because I know what it's like to live in the dark and to let negativity take over, to see no way out of the hole that you're in - I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Life doesn't have to be hard, there is always a better option.

This blog is for you; to learn, to be inspired and to love the life you’re living at this moment. While you’re here you can escape into a world of magic, intuition, enchantment, dreams, secrets, opinions, art and everything else in between. Enjoy!