I’m Gemma and I’m an intuitive lightworker and tarot reader on a mission to help inspre change within, and without, through self-love, intuitite wisdom, unapologetic truth telling, and cosmic inspiration. And, of course, a little tarot fun!

I’m here to inspire you to blaze your own trail and manifest your deepest desires!

Through tarot wisdom, cosmic energy and spiritual truths, I’m here to help you break through your inner blocks, release what’s no longer needed and awaken the goddess within. To empower you to create your own path in life. A path that will nourish your mind, body and soul, and lead you to a life that you love!

I believe that self-care and spiritual practices are the key to nourishing our mind, body and soul, and with the help of intuitive guidance, cosmic energy, and natural cycles, we can raise our vibrations and manifest our desires into a physical reality, all the while living a deeper, meaningful life.


My Story


I’ve suffered with the concept of self-love and worth for a long, long time…

This life-long struggle with loving myself has put me in some pretty dark places. Anxiety and depression were a constant in my life, and this continuous frustration with myself led to the development of an eating disorder and harmful behaviour. Shit hit the fan, well and truly.

I had no desire. No drive. There was no light in my life at all.

And then one day, while I was at my lowest point, something snapped within. I couldn’t keep going on like this. This lifestyle was going to kill me, and I didn’t want that.

I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to live.

So, I made the conscious decision to take back control of my life and my happiness, no matter what.

I won’t sugar coat it. It was a shit show.

Climbing out of that self-made hole was the toughest challenge I’ve ever had to face. But I made it. And in doing that, I discovered a new-found love for myself. A love that I’d never felt before. And it was beautiful.

When I look back at that time in my life, I have nothing but gratitide for the lessons that it taught me. For the inner strength that it showed me. For the purpose that it gave me.

This major shift saved my life, in more ways than one, and it reminds me everyday that life is a blessing that must not be taken advantage of. That, in order to transform our lives, we must take inspired action to make the necessary changes.

Today, I listen to my mind, body and soul, and work with the issues that threaten my light. I tune into my intuition and follow it’s guidance as it shows me truth and purpose. I create the space needed to love myself unconditionally, no matter what.

I understand that I am a force of nature that can overcome anything I put my mind to. And so are you!


Sacred Black Moon

Sacred Black Moon is nothing more than a sacred space for those who are simply just trying to find their truth among all the noise.

With intuitive wisdom, cosmic guidance and conscious awareness, together we can free ourselves from the norm and create a life that vibrates on a whole other level. Just like us!

Sacred Black Moon’s mission is, and always will be, to inspire you to emerge from the shadow and shine like the star that you are! To help you kick limiting beliefs back to where they came from and learn to love yourself again. To empower you to speak your absolute truth, no matter what. To teach you how to live your best life, because you deserve it!

The Soul Collective

Looking for a sacred space to speak your truth and work your inner magic? My Patreon community The Soul Collective is a place where sensitive and spiritual souls can inspire and empower each other through support and guidance, as we take on this journey of self-love and manifestation together.

The Soul Collective will inspire you to share your truth with like-minded souls in a sacred and safe space completely dedicated to creating balance, promoting growth and inspiring love.